Cuvée Les Mots Doux is made from 100% Viognier. A silky smooth wine, low in alcohol, combining the sweetness of the grapes with the freshness and minerality of the terroir.


Made from ripe harvests, but not overripe, this wine is interrupted in its alcoholic fermentation at 60 grams of sugar. No addition of sugar or alcohol being used, alcohol content is limited to 11.5% Vol. and the little remaining sugar makes it extremely agreeable on the palate.
The vintage
The glorious sunshine and rainy thunderstorms in 2020 resulted in a great harvest and a vintage that is correct and full of ripe fruit
Domaine Chardon Bleu is situated in La Drome Provencale (Central Rhone Valley) and the extreme east of the appellation Grignan les Adhémar.

The vines used to make Cuvée Les Mots Doux, aged about fifteen years, are planted in the district called "Pontaujard.
The vines are planted on the banks of the Lez asmall river that crosses La Roche Saint Secret, on a plateau located at an altitude of 200m, on a soil made up of alluvium
In the vineyard
The tillage (working of the soil) is mechanical. Every one in two rows of vines Manu leaves grass to grow and he plants cover crops...this assisting in limiting erosion and naturally enriching the soil.

The treatments used on the soils are La bouillie bordelaise (a fungicide based on copper sulphate and lime) help combat diseases caused by fungi such as late blight,

Regarding the maturity of the grapes this is defined by regular sampling and the harvest date is defined collegially in line with the results from analysis of the samples. The point referred to as "optimum maturity" is defined by comparing the sugar rate and the rate of probable alcohol and acidity of the grapes.
Harvest dates
The grapes are pressed as soon as they enter the cellar, which allows the maximum amount of fruit to be retained and oxidation to be limited, and assembled for alcoholic fermentation

We pump over twice a day, monitoring temperatures and density to interrupt cold fermentation, keeping around 60 grams of sugars.
This cuvée is bottled at the end of November in time to enjoy over the festive season!
Viognier : 100%


10 degrees is the ideal temperature for serving this particular wine. Be careful not to serve it too cold, as could throw it off-balance and hold back the aromas and flavours of the wine :( To develop its aromatic potential, let it express itself at around 10-11 ° c!
Ageing potential
Enjoy all year long
An unexpected freshness which is subtle and well-balanced with the sweetness of the wine